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Interested In Fostering A Rescue Dog?

A Second Chance for Ziva, Inc. is always looking for individuals and families to open up their hearts and homes to one of our dogs in need.

An ASCZ foster provides a rescue dog a temporary and comfortable landing spot while they await their forever home. Fosters are the core of our rescue. If interested, please fill out an application and reach out to ASCZ with questions!

The foster process is much like the adoption process. We want to make sure we get to know our fosters and therefore suggest foster dogs that will fit best in their home. Each applicant must fill out a foster application.

  1. Home Address Verification or Rental Verification
    • This will include verification that the owned home is under the applicants name; or, that the applicant does reside in a rental home. Any animal ownership restrictions will be discussed with the landlord/rental company.
  2. Veterinary Reference
    • The rescue will contact a veterinary reference if the applicant has owned a cat or dog in the past ten years. Current animals are required to be up-to-date with core vaccinations and spayed or neutered.
  3. Two Personal References
    • The rescue will contact personal references. (Two personal references are required if a veterinary reference is not provided).

Upon review of the application and completion of the above checks, a coordinator will be in touch with the foster applicant to discuss their application.

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