About ASCZ

A Second Chance for Ziva, Inc. (ASCZ) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of dogs regardless of breed, size or age...

Our Mission

About ASCZ

ASCZ rescues, cares for and adopts out homeless dogs into loving and responsible homes. The rescue does not have a shelter but rather we rely on devoted fosters that open their homes and provide love and comfort to our dogs. ASCZ is committed to knowing our dogs but also to knowing our adopters. Every dog deserves a second chance and we are passionate about making their second chance a success.


Rescue your companion

A Second Chance for Ziva, Inc. (ASCZ) rescues displaced dogs and places them in homes where they can live out their life in harmony and comfort.

Our Organization

ASCZ works with adopters

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What we do

ASCZ prides ourselves on making the right choice for both dog and adopter.

We understand that each dog and each home has requirements, preferences, limitations and hopes for their family. While weighing each of these factors, ASCZ works with adopters to help ensure that an adoption is a rescue dog’s forever.

How we started

ASCZ was started by three women with a passion for saving dogs

and finding them forever homes where they will thrive, grow and live a full life. Ziva was one of the founder’s beloved rescue dogs who was an example to all animals and people.
Her name means “brilliant” and we think this describes all rescue dogs despite breed, age, gender or background. Ziva overcame, like many, a hard life and settled into her second chance with grace, courage and lots of love to give. Our work is for all those dogs that have deeply touched their humans…
We hope through these efforts, we can honor them all!

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