The Adoption Process

If you are interested in adopting one of our deserving pups, please fill out an application online. We will get back to you within 72 hours for follow-up.

ASCZ Adoption Process

Rescue and save a life

ASCZ goes through a number of checks after an application is submitted. This is for the dog’s benefit but also for the adopter’s benefit.

Number 1

Home Address Verification or Rental Verification

This will include verification that the owned home is under the applicant’s name; or, that the applicant does reside in a rental home. Any animal ownership restrictions will be discussed with the landlord/rental company.

Number 2

Veterinary Reference

The rescue will contact a veterinary reference if the applicant has owned a cat or dog in the past ten years. Current animals are required to be up-to-date with core vaccinations and spayed or neutered.

Number 3

Two Personal References

The rescue will contact personal references. (Two personal references are required if a veterinary reference is not provided)


Forever Homes Wanted

Upon review of application and review of the above information, a coordinator will be in touch with the applicant to discuss their home and what they are looking for in their new family member.


Finding your new familiy member!

Photograph of a dog

How it works

ASCZ prides itself on getting to know adopters and our rescue dogs.

We invite honesty during our discussions so we can find each and every dog their second chance success.
When a dog is adopted, ASCZ expects that dogs will be kept indoors as family members. We do not condone keeping a dog outside for extended periods of time unattended. Their home is with their owners under the same roof. We encourage all new dog owners to attend dog training classes upon bringing your new family member home. ASCZ is happy to provide training referrals.

A new home

Dogs who enter a new home will need, in most cases, time to decompress and acclimate to their new environment.

They will be introduced to new people, animals and new routines. We encourage new owners to proceed slowly with introductions and let their dog get to their comfort level in their own time. Adjustment time could take days to weeks to months depending on the personality of each dog and the home environment.
If an ASCZ dog must be surrendered, they must be returned to the rescue. They cannot be surrendered to a shelter nor given away or sold by the owner.
We are happy to take any questions you might have about our process to find loving homes for these wonderful dogs!

Photograph of a dog